Aw come on, don’t take Morgan Freeman from us too.

Seriously…what the hell is going on? Or should I say what the hell happened back in the day? Why is everyone coming forward now? What makes it safe now? Isn’t there a statute of limitations?

These are all questions looming in my mind as the early news unfolds on women coming forward saying that Morgan Freeman has committed sexual assault. Bill Crosby, recently found guilty & now news that Harvey Weinstien will now be charged with rape.

Don’t get me wrong, I am happy these women are getting their peace of mind. I am a victim of rape myself & it is very hard for people to believe rape allegations these days because teens will use it as an “out” if caught having sex at a young age.

Sitting here & thinking back to the awkward hour class in the room right off the lobby that was “health class”. We never were told what rape was or that it was illegal, we were never properly taught what STDs are and why you should be educated on them. Why aren’t we learning this in school. It is a part of life, sex is a way to reproduce, people have to learn at some point. Kids need to know that when someone says no, that you walk away, it is okay for people to say no.

Schools of all shapes and sizes need to come up with a comprehensive curriculum for a Health & Sex course. For the love of God, don’t just have the course be like…sex is bad..don’t do it… Breakdown what to do when you are trying to break away from a bad situation, etc.

Sex isn’t bad, it is healthy. People will forever make their own choices, if that is the case, educate them so they can make proper decisions.